Management Services

Coaching on Communication/Conflict Resolution/Leadership

5 times per month, schedule a 15 minute consultation on communication, leadership, and/or conflict resolution topics. Once per month, send a policy document for review and editing (limit of 6 pages per document).

Mediation and Facilitation Services

Resolve issues with board members, employees, staff, volunteers, etc. with an annual mediation session. Each year, if needed, Matt will also be available to facilitate a 2 hour facilitation session for use with board or staff conversation on topics of your choosing.

Annual Leadership / Conflict Resolution Training

Schedule an annual customized 2 hour mini-training session on communication or conflict resolution topics of organizational leadership’s choice.

Consultation Services Discount

25% discount on regular fees for mediation, facilitation and training services.


Director/Lead Volunteer Assistance

To kick off your nonprofit startup phase, this 60 minute orientation will assist your organization’s director and/or lead volunteer with training related to all required responsibilities that come with running a nonprofit organization.

Policy Review

Within your first year of operation, you will be provided samples of organization policy drafts and/or we will review your existing drafts. Learn what policies you should adopt related to starting a board, hiring and maintaining organization employees, and other important startup topics.

Startup Board Training

Within the first few months of board operation, receive a customized 1 hour board training on board member roles, responsibilities, and suggested board tasks to be completed as a new organization. This can be combined with the attorney presentation if desired. Preferably, this is done after the board manual is created by the attorney and after the policy review is completed.

Board Meeting Follow-up Facilitation

Within the first year of board operation, and after the above startup board training occurs, Matt will meet with all board members for one 90 minute board meeting facilitation (generally held at board retreats or the end of the fiscal year meeting, for example). Prior to this facilitation, Matt will conduct a 15 minute pre-meeting discussion with the board chair to review top