Legal Services

Legal Consultations

15 minute telephone consultation on 4 matters/issues/questions per month; with up to 1 hour of legal research per month included.

Legal Document Reviews

5 contracts/legal documents reviewed per year (limit of 15 pages per document).

Library of Legal Forms

Basic legal form library is included for your use (e.g., conflicts of interest policy, bylaws, board and employee non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, etc.). Attorney editing is available pursuant to legal document review services above.

Annual Board Meeting Legal Update

Once per year (at a board meeting, board retreat, etc.), you will receive an in-person 60 minute presentation about important legal reminders for board service and any legal updates that occurred over the past year.

Annual Legal Health Checkup

Once per fiscal year, you will receive a 48 question “check up” of your legal status, including areas to improve and potential areas of liability.

Legal Services Discount

Receive a 25% discount on additional legal services, litigation representation and other legal work within Washington State.


Formation Documents

Attorney will assist organization with filing Washington State corporate documents and federal 501(c)(3) documents (if required).

Forms and Policies / Board Manual

All pertinent forms and policies for a new nonprofit will be tailored into a handbook to be provided to employees and board of directors. This handbook will be provided via a Word document for easy future editing. The board manual, forms and policies can be presented during the startup board training.